Florian Fritsch is “self-made” in the truest sense of the word: He started his career as a paramedic, today the German manages a billion € in his family office. Fritsch invests the money primarily in real estate and tech companies. With his latest project, Gropyus, he is bringing the two worlds together – because the company wants to develop residential construction in the sense of Spotify, Tesla and Co.

Florian Fritsch is not a person who flaunts. Rather, the 42-year-old describes his quite extraordinary life with a naturalness as if he were reading a recipe. Want some examples? As a paramedic, Fritsch took over the billing of the trips after graduating from high school – and quickly noticed how much money was being moved. So he founded a private ambulance service – just as the market was being liberalised. The first ambulances were followed by others, about which Fritsch only says: “And then I suddenly owned a few ambulances. Immediately afterwards, he took the step into the real estate business by expanding his own company headquarters – and again he only says: “After a while I had some real estate in my possession. And when asked how his career as a racing driver came about, Fritsch replies: “I have always loved driving a car.

Florian Fritsch
… worked as a firefighter in his youth before he trained as a paramedic. He founded a company for private ambulance services, entered the real estate business and invested early in tech companies, including Delivery Hero. His family office Fritsch & Co. is based in Liechtenstein.

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